Friday, February 16, 2018


     Winter holidays are already here, and with them a lot of snow. It does not matter if it is holiday, at kindergarden we still work and having fun.
Let's see then what we have done this week :)

We were just playing with little monkeys, but we decided to make a huge monkeys line. I do not need to describe how all the monkeys fell down in the end. XD

This week I have been making a football match for children. With it they can improve how to blow and develop lungs resistance.

San Valentines day was here so they made some presents for them secrets love ;)

Pinting with sponges on paper

With a wool yarn the pinted up on paper. After they close by the half and meanwhile pressing had to take out the yarn. When you open the paper you can see diferents drawing and pictures created by.

Friday, February 9, 2018

First week of february!

Mr Snow is here again, wich children love it. Maybe for volunteers (specially from Canaries) does not like that much because of the coldness, but it is true that when you play with snow it does not matter your age ;)

Let's see what we have done:


Here we were playing "ping pong", this helps to develop your mouth and it corrects speach.

We went for a wolk, and of course in the end a snow buttle happend.

Crafting some planes for funn. They were playing al time long with them, and It is sone with regular paper. We can see that for fun everything helps ;)

Result of paper plane

Pinting a paper with some sorprise! If you pint it correctly you will discover a heart on it. Children did and they liked it.

And finally, We got a nice interactive theater performance.


The powerpuff girls are here!

This game was created and designed by our Wojciech!

Little mechanics :) 

Julka is writing... a lot!

An activity for developing the conception of space and position of different objects

The Karnival photo all toghether! 

Here we're doing an activity based on the black spot on the die, for improving and learning how to count properly

Good night Nikola and Hanna!

Here's come the sun... turududu!

Story time.. słuchajcie!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Dzien babci i dziadka!

Last week was a wonderful day! The day of grandparents day! Children prepared an excellent performance for them!

Children learning how to dance for perfomance!

Made necklaces for grandmam

Prepared foods for animals, which live without home

Super!!! Snow!!

And as usuall play, made crafts and dances!


The performance for grandma and grandpa was very nice! Grandsons, grandoughters, grandmather and grandfather enjoyed.

*Unfortunatly I could not find video files, but with this picture you can guess how fun was it.


     Carnival is here and with it customs and metalic paints! Is Everybody ready and dress up? Lights, camera, ACTION!


At the begining week, we where making and painting mask.

On this picture we can see that when they finish to read, I drow down one drowing that they like and then they pint it.

Now, some carnival pictures and videos:

Carnival with some spanish music... but looks like not everybody likes it

And today we went on a excursion to Carrefour to learn about how people work, organization and how to buy.


Congratulation Wiktora with his Bithday!!!

We have sport lesson! it is so cool for health!

and made crafts))

We studied the topic STORE! Everyone could made your shop!:)

This week in the kindergaden was carnaval. Children dressed up with differents costumes: spiderman, queen, crocodile and many others! There were a lot of dances, songs, laugher and good mood!


This week started with... PARTY!! Carnival party with a lot of music, games and costumes!

The Pirate and the Zebra!

The Dolphin!

The Fairy 

The Little Sweet Monster!


                                                               And now... some dance!

Friday, January 12, 2018


     Welcome to the fisrt week of the Year! At this point we have to start kindergarden with energy, and it was so!
     Let's check out what we have done exactly.


Children after drawing a comic they had to present it at front of everyone

On this picture we can see a castle made by little special papers

At the beginning of we week, Rachele group and mine went together for a bit or P.E. Lessons. They ejoyed a lot, so we decide to do it again (next pictures).

After run and make exercise is always good have a relaxing time, but for this child was too much that he almost fall sleep.

In here, they are making arts and crafts cutting paper

First P.E. session 

Second P.E. session leadered by Fran and Rachele.


We will soon celebrate holiday "Dzień  dziadków!".Children learn songs, dances, prepare invitations to performances for grandparents

The guys in their spare time  do handicrafts and playing


Drawing fireworks!

This week we were preparing the surprises for the Grandmas and Grandpas days :)

                                                               Me with my little helpers

... and with twins! 

Theater company came to visit us!