Friday, May 25, 2018

Seminarium Integracyjne. Przedszkole 176

This week a lot of guests visited our kindergaden, and children danced for them national dance "Krakowiak" and "Poloneza".
 Francisco, Rachele and Kasia prepare performance for presenting their cultures with tipical dances, songs and food (a lot and very tasty!). We had a lot of fun all together, here you can see how it was:

The beginning of the week was wonderful, early morning on Monday we went to Zoo with the children of group number 2

Holiday for Volunteers

Sing song about Belarus

Children danced  nation music

At the end of the week we can relax!


On monday... we went to the Zoo!

And here the preparation for the Volunteer's day!

Here we are! On 23th of May we had the Volunteer's day!

 Those were the children dressed with our flag or tipycal costumes

 We also prepared a fashion show with dresses made of recycling material like newspaper, plastic 
bottles and their caps, plastic bag... the children become really top models!

This is one tipical italian childrens song: "Se sei felice"

Another italian song: "Zuppa Romana", they are really good singer!


Kids made with recycled cans some flower pots with Minioms style. Great!

After Seminarium, a bit tired dor all the work, but we had fun and everyone enjoy it!

Some videos dancing national dances.

Friday, May 18, 2018


The day of the volunteer is approaching, preparation is on fire!

Congratulations to our Natalku and Piotryka for celebrating their Birthday!

Every with volunteers make a train which take us to Belarus!

Make fingerprints of legs and arms of children! It was very fun!

Make a rocket and will fly into space! 

A little artists!


This week was full of... pizza! On wednesday Stefano, another italian volunteer, came for helping me and the children to cook pizza all togheter, we did "PIZZA PARTY" and we had so much fun! That's how it went:

In this game, i prepared some little bowls with the drawing of the ingredients, and the children without looking, had to guess which ingredient was ans then stick it on the giant pizza on the wall 

Before start cooking, i did a brief presentation about the history of the pizza, when was invented, who was the first pizzaiolo, and why we decided to create such a good thing. Mamma mia!

And now ... ready to start! 


Here's some italian decoration for the next week, when we will host in our kindergarten the "Volunteer's Day"

And at the end the children had their PIZZAIOLO CERTIFICATES! Now they can cook pizza whenever they want!